Don’t cats hate water?!

No. Just like any pet coming to a grooming salon, a cat needs to be taken through the grooming process with gentle, compassionate care. (This means they will go through a series of events where they are introduced to grooming with the understanding that it can be nerve wracking at first.) We want your cat to have high quality care with fantastic results. All cats get bathed and dried during a full groom at our salon. The results are incredible! Remove grease, dander, saliva and dirt and you have a beautiful, healthy kitty!

Can you give my pet sedation?

No, we cannot provide or recommend any type of sedation for your pet. We suggest contacting your veterinarian if you believe your pet requires sedation.

Will you express my pet’s anal glands?

Anal glands are two small sacs located inside every dog’s and cat’s rectum. These sacs produce an oily substance that is used as a territorial marker. Healthy anal glands are expressed naturally each time your pet goes to the bathroom. We will express the anal glands (as per your request) if your veterinarian has recommended this procedure be done for your pet. Please refer to our services page for pricing, as anal gland expression is not included in our grooming packages.

Will you pluck the hair from my pet’s ears?

Probably not. During the regular process of ear cleaning, our groomer will gently comb the hair out of your pet’s ear, clip the hair that grows outside the ear canal, and use an ear cleaner to swab any debris from the part of the ear that can be seen.

Ear plucking is when a groomer removes ear hair by gripping the ear within the canal, usually utilizing a silicone gripping agent and hemostat, twisting and pulling the hair out. For some pets, especially poodle hair types, the hair may be removed quickly and painlessly. For others, it can be an uncomfortable and unnecessary process.

If you would like your pet’s ear hair plucked, please notify us prior to their groom, as it is not part of our regular ear cleaning regime. There may be an extra fee for plucking your pet’s ears or if your pet’s ears are excessively dirty. If your pet has any signs of an ear infection, we will not pluck your pet’s ears.

Ear flushing is a service we also provide. Contact us if you would like more information!

Is my pet in a kennel while they are at the salon?

Our philosophy is to have your pets feel at home while they are visiting our spaw. Most pets will be cage-free in our secure grooming and bathing area. Those pets that urinate excessively, are potentially aggressive with other pets, or are more comfortable being in a kennel, will be. There are also times when we may place your pet in a drying kennel for a small amount of time. Some pets prefer this way of drying to our hand drying system.

Will there be other pets in the salon while my pet is there?

Maybe. We usually have 1-4 pets in the salon at one time. If your pet cannot be around other pets, please notify us at the time of booking.

How long will grooming take?

The length of your pet’s visit at our salon will vary depending on your individual pet and our schedule. Usually a groom would take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. We ask that you not rush the grooming process, as it can be unsafe for both the groomer and your pet.

If you arrive before your pet is ready for pickup, we ask that you avoid letting your pet see you. Although this may seem like an unusual request, it is for your pet’s safety. Groomers use sharp scissors and clippers and your pet may become too excited to finish the groom safely if they see you. Most pets believe they are finished when they see their people and when the owner is required to leave again, it is very confusing and upsetting for the pet. We usually call or text when your pet is ready to be picked up and it is best for everyone if you wait for our call!

Should I bring anything when I drop my dog off for grooming?

We request that all dogs are on a leash and all cats arrive in carriers when they come in for grooming. If you’d like, you’re welcome to bring your pet’s favourite treats, but we always have treats available for those pets that are permitted to have them!

What can I do to prepare my pet for grooming?

Please ensure that your pet has had an opportunity to go to the washroom before grooming. It is always a good idea to exercise your pet prior to coming in for any grooming services. Touching your pet’s feet and brushing at home while in a relaxed and rewarding environment will also assist your pet in being comfortable when visiting us at the salon.

How do you decide pricing?

Our prices are based on your pet’s coat condition, behaviour, breed, size, age, and your styling requests. Two pets that seem the same may be different rates depending on these variables.

Can I stay while you groom my pet?

Not usually. There are several reasons why we prefer no owners in the grooming area. Most pets are quite calm and relaxed when their people are not there. Sometimes they become unsettled or territorial if their owner is around. If for some specific reason you want to be present during your pet’s groom, please contact us and we can discuss different options.

Why does my pet seem nervous or shaky when they are dropped off for grooming?

Most pets appear nervous because they don’t want to leave their people. Once they’re dropped off, they usually settle in and relax. If they’re nervous because of the actual grooming process, it’s never too late to start some basic at-home grooming habits to assist them in becoming more comfortable during grooming at the salon.

Do you require proof of vaccinations?

No. For the safety of our groomers and all pets that come to our salon, we do highly recommend that your pet has annual wellness checkups with your veterinarian where the proper vaccinations can be administered.

That said, we do not require proof of vaccinations, as we believe it is a pet guardian’s personal choice to have vaccinations administered to their pet. Do the research and decide for yourself what is best for your pet. (But please be aware that all pets are required to have a rabies vaccine as per the provincial government of Ontario.)

What is your cancellation or no-show policy?

If your schedule changes, please give us more than 24 hours notification. This allows us enough time to replace the booking from our cancellation list. Cancelling inside of 24 hours will result in us requesting prepayment prior to booking your pet’s next appointment. If you fail to show up for your pet’s appointment, we will request that you pre-pay for your next appointment as well as pay for the missed appointment.

What happens if I am late for my pet’s appointment?

We understand that life happens, but please do try to be on time for your pet’s appointment. Depending on how late you are, we may turn your pet away or reduce the grooming services we are providing for them based on the time left available for their scheduled groom.

My pet is matted. Is there an extra fee for mat removal?

Yes. Depending on the extent of your pet’s matting and their behaviour, there may be an extra fee for your pet’s groom. This could be based on our hourly dematting rate of $40 per hour or a flat rate on top of the regular grooming fee.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard and Interac e-Transfers.

Why should I get my pet groomed?

There are several reasons why professional grooming is the best option for your dog or cat. Every pet is unique and not all grooming services apply to every animal, but they will all benefit from grooming, whether at home or in our salon.

Nails: Healthy paws are happy paws! Although the required frequency of nail trimming may vary between pets, the benefits of properly maintained nails for both dogs and cats are applicable. As an owner, you reap the benefits when nails are not scratching your furniture, your floors, or your family. As a pet, having paws that lack pain and allow for natural movement can be life changing!

Parasites: Just as you do not want parasites in your home, we do not want them in our salon. Keeping your pet clean and healthy prevents parasites from finding a home on your pet. As groomers, we inspect every inch of your pet’s body while they are being groomed. Our tools and equipment assist us in a comprehensive look at your dog’s skin and fur. If there are any parasites, skin irritations, or lumps, we will find them. This allows us to help you see a piece of the overall picture of your pet’s health.

Matting: Matt is a four letter word in most grooming salons. Matted fur pulls at your pet’s skin and provides a warm, happy place for bacteria and parasites to flourish. This cannot be good for any of us. Some pets may need to be completely shaved because trying to save the fur can be extremely painful for your pet. We suggest a regular grooming schedule so your pet never gets into this situation. We are happy to work with owners to decide a schedule and style that works perfectly for your individual pet.

Looking Good: Obviously, pet grooming isn’t all about how your pet looks. The care and safety of your pet is most important. That said, I cannot think of a single pet owner who doesn’t enjoy the look, feel, and attitude of a dog or cat that looks as good as they feel!

My double-coated dog (i.e. German Shepherd, Border Collie) seems hot in the summer. Will you shave them?

Double-coated breeds have two types of hair: guard hairs, and undercoat. If your pet is brushed and bathed regularly, they are kept comfortable in the summer and winter months. This is because the hair protects their skin from the elements, while also providing insulation and air conditioning at the same time.

Some owners like to shave their double-coated breed even with this knowledge. We will accommodate your requests. As the guardian of your pet, you should know that there is potential that your dog’s fur may not grow back to its original state after this type of manipulation.

That said, there are different trimming options available. Complete shave downs are not always necessary. We also provide “comfort clips”, where some hair is removed but your double-coated breed is not shaved entirely.

Can shaving cause my pet irritation?

Possibly. Every pet is different. Some pets itch after a super-short trim, though this usually goes away after a few days once the fur starts to grow back. These types of trims are usually required due to matted fur.

If your pet is matted, the most humane option may be to remove the mats by shaving. Sometimes the skin underneath, now released to the air and from constraint, can react and cause irritation. Although this too will go away over time, if the irritation is severe, it may be best to visit your veterinarian to ensure your pet is comfortable and healthy.

What if my pet is older?

We will always ask your pet’s age upon booking and decide on the style of their groom based on their current health. We want to ensure that your pet’s grooming requirements are met and that your pet is kept comfortable at the same time.

What if my pet has medical problems?

Please notify us if your pet has any medical conditions (i.e. seizures, injuries, lumps) that may affect them during their visit so that we can make them comfortable and keep them, the other pets at the salon, and our groomers safe.

What if my pet has behavioural issues?

The safety of your pet and our groomers is our top priority. Upon booking, please let us know if your pet is aggressive, anxious, or has any other behavioural issues, so that we can decide on the best course of action for your pet during their spaw day.

What if my pet has allergies?

Please notify us if your pet requires hypoallergenic shampoo, cannot have treats, or has any other allergy that may affect them while visiting us.

We will happily use veterinarian recommended shampoos and feel free to bring along special treats if need be!

What are fleas?

Fleas are a tiny, wingless insect that live off the blood of animals. Fleas cause discomfort, skin irritation, and can leave your pet with tapeworm. As if that’s not enough, fleas can live almost anywhere in your home and outdoors.

The flea life cycle is fast and exponential. Eggs, pupae, larvae, and adults can happily live in your pet’s bedding, on your couch, in your bed, and on your floors. A flea cocoon can lay dormant for up to six months waiting for a hospitable host.

If your pet doesn’t have fleas, prevention is possible. Fleas can come from other pets, from outside, or from wild animals. Keep your yard, your pet’s living area, and your pet clean. Veterinarians, pet stores and feed stores carry a range of flea prevention products.

If your pet does get fleas, always treat all of the animals in the house and the house itself. Ask your veterinarian for more information. It can take months to irradicate an infestation if it is bad enough.

Is there a fee if fleas or parasites are found on my pet?

Yes, we charge $30 if any fleas or parasites are found on your pet. We prefer that you don’t bring your pet to our salon if they have parasites. Please notify us if your pet has any parasites prior to coming in and we can discuss options with you.

When should I NOT take my pet to the groomer?

If your pet has parasites, a communicable disease, a virus, is aggressive, or is feeling under the weather (i.e. lethargic, loose stools), please notify us upon booking so we can decide whether your pet should come in for a grooming session.

How can I stop this shedding hair?!

Brushing and bathing your pet often is the only solution to shedding hair. Every double-coated breed (i.e. German Shepherd, Border Collie) receives a deshedding treatment using specific tools, equipment, and shampoo when visiting our salon for a full groom.

What information will you need at the time of booking a grooming appointment?

We will ask for all of your contact information (name, phone number, address, e-mail) and your pet’s personal information (name, breed, date of birth, medical conditions, behaviour, coat condition, gender). Please have this information available upon your first booking. We save the information, so you only need to share this with us once. Please do keep us up to date on any medical issues, lumps, or sore spots, or anything else we should know about your pet if they arise over time.

How should I help my puppy get ready for grooming at home?

We recommend helping your pet become comfortable with grooming by doing the following activities at home: touch your pet’s feet and legs often, use something shiny (i.e. a spoon) and rub it around your pet’s eyes/face/feet, get a cheap electric toothbrush and rub it all over your pet’s body, use your hairdryer to dry your pet, and most importantly, brush and comb your pet as often as you can. All of these desensitizing activities will help make your new fur baby’s experience with a groomer a positive event. The trust created while bonding with your pet through grooming is rewarding for both of you.

When should I get my puppy/kitten groomed?

After your puppy or kitten has had their second set of vaccinations (there are usually three in total), you can bring them in for our free introductory grooming session. This typically includes nail trimming, introduction to clippers, minimal trimming, and brushing. During this time, you have the opportunity to discuss the future of grooming your new fur baby with our certified groomer.

How often should my pet have their nails trimmed?

The length of time between nail trims depends on your pet and their lifestyle. Most pets should have their nails trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Those pets that are elderly or less active may need their nails trimmed more often.

How often should I get my pet groomed?

How often your pet should be groomed depends on your pet, their lifestyle, and your at-home grooming habits. Most pets with trimmable (“non-shedding”) coats should be groomed every 6-8 weeks and double-coated breeds (i.e. German Shepherd, Border Collie, long haired cats) every 8-12 weeks.

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